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Lviv Castle

Steak House in the heart of Port Dover

Take Out • Dine In • Catering • Patio • Live Music

Delicious foodmade from scratch.

Enjoy the allure of Lviv Castle, the ultimate steakhouse nestled in lovely Port Hope. With an exquisite blend of elegance, splendid cuisine, live music and exceptional service, we are the perfect venue for any occasion.

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Sunday – Thursday: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Friday – Saturday: 12:00 pm – 2:00 am

201 Main Street, Port Dover,
Ontario, N0A 1N0

(519) 583-0920




Per 1/2 dozen fresh shucked/ horseradish red wine mignette/ cocktail sause.



Cured meats/artisanal cheeses charred pepppers/marinted olives/ crostini.

Cheese plater


Calamari fritti


Lightly dusted/flash-fried.

Mozzarella sticks


with marinara sauce.

Jalapeno poppers


whth sour cream.

Onion rings


Battered mushrooms


with ranch dressing.

Coconut shrimps


Flash-fried/sweet chili dip.

Feta bruschetta


Wine mussels


with garlic bread.

Chicken strips


with plum sauce.

Garlic bread


Chicken wings


Fresh flash-fried wings/choise sause (mild, medium, hot, suiside, honey garlic, dry cajun, blue cheese dip with carrots & celery).

Macho nachos


Organic nacho chips/tex mix cheese/ jalapenos/tomators/olives/salsa.
+ add Chicken

Steak & frites


10 oz new york striploin/parm frites

Tiger prawn & striploin steak


10 oz angus striploin steak/tiger shrimp/herbed mashed/glazed market veggies/demi glace souse.

Ribeye steak


12 oz Canadian ribeye steak/herbed mashed/glazed market veggies/demi glace souse.

Chicken steak


Boneless chicken leg/special BBQ marinade/herbed mashed/glazed market veggies/demi glace souse.

Chicken carbonara


Chicken breast/bacon/eggs/penne/ garlic parmesan cream sauce.

Seafood linguini


Seared sea scallops/black tiger shrimp/ mussels/leeks/white wine rose sauce.

Chicken parmesan


Lightly breaded chicken breast/ shredded mozzarella/succulent tomato sauce/penne.

Salmon & seafood


Pan seared salmon filet/black tiger shrimp/seared sea scallops/lemon potato ragout/glazed market veggies.

Fish & chips


10 Oz halibut/french fries/coleslaw/ tartar sauce.

Lviv ‘’Sokyra’’


Canadian tomahawk steak/herbed mashed/parm frites/glazed market veggies/demi glace souse.

Shish kebab (Pork)


Shish kebab (Chicken)


Shish kebab (Beef)


Soup of the day



Caprese salad


Fresh mozzarella/tomatoes/olives/ pesto/balsamic reduction.

Mix green salad


Lettuce/tomatoes/cucumber/red onion/house dressing.

Greek salad


Lettuce/tomato/cucumber/red onion/fresh peppers/olives/feta/ creamy greek.

Teriyaki salmon salad


Teriyaki-glazed salmon/toasted sesame seeds/greens/asian slaw/ avocado/cucumbers/tomatoes/ sesame vinaigrette.

Grilled shrimp salad


Grilled shrimps/spring mix/roasted mushrooms/tomatoes/cucumbers/ fresh peppers/herbed vinaigrette.

Angus steak salad


Grilled angus striploin/green mix/ roasted mushrooms/tomatoes/ cucumbers/charred peppers/herbed vinaigrette.

Chicken ceasar salad


Flame-grilled chicken breast/crisp romaine/herbed croutons/crisp bacon/parmigiano/creamy caesar dressing.

Chicken ceasar salad


Flame-grilled chicken breast/crisp romaine/herbed croutons/crisp bacon/parmigiano/creamy caesar dressing.

Chicken souvlaki salad


Two flame-grilled chicken souvlaki skewers/olives/tomatoes/cucumbers/ feta/herbed vinaigrette/tzatziki dip.

2 Eggs, Home Fries and Toast


Served with your choice of coffee or tea, white, whole wheat, or rye toast.

With Bacon, Ham or Sausage


6oz Striploin
Eggs Benedict



Smoked Salmon


subject to availability



add cheese



add home fries

Toasted Western





Our 3 Egg Omelettes are served with home fries and your choice of white, whole wheat or light rye toast.

Create your own or add to the selections below:


Add $2.00 for bacon/ham/ground sausage/feta
Add $1.00 for bell peppers/spinach/hot peppers/ cheddar cheese/onions/mushrooms/artichoke hearts/ black olives.

Create your own


plus fill choices listed above.

Mushroom & Cheese


Steak & Cheddar




ham/onions/bell peppers.



tomatoes/feta/black olives.

Lox & Cream Cheese Bagel


Pancakes (3)


French Toast (3)


Fruit Salad


side of cottage cheese
add an egg or extra side of toast

Slice of pie


A warm slice of cherry or blueberry pie served with a scoop of ice cream.

Fruit varenyky 8 pieces


Blueberry or cherry-filled varenyky deep fried, sprinkled with sugar and served with sweet cream dip.



Strawberry-topped New York cheesecake.




Varenyky 6 pieces


Varenyky 12 pieces


+ add Mushrooms and Onions
+ add Bacon and Onions

Ukrainian perogies (varenyky) are made in-house the traditional way. Choose from cottage cheese or cheddar cheese filling, traditional or sauteed and served with sour cream. Top these scrumptious morsels with sauteed onions, bacon or mushrooms.

Ukrainian pelmeni


Delicious beef dumplings, similar in size and shape to tortellini, are tossed in butter and served with sauerkraut or pickles and sour cream. These delectable morsels also shine with just some vinegar and black pepper.

Holubtsi (3 cabbage rolls)


These decadent cabbage rolls are filled with beef, rice, and carrot and topped with a tomato and mushroom cream sauce.



Potato and zucchini pancakes served with creamy mushroom sauce. A fabulous meat-free dish that doubles as an entree for one or an appetizer for the table to share.



A delightful soup chock full of beets, cabbage, carrots, beans and chicken. Served with a side of sour cream.



This cream-based cold summer soup is refreshing and filling with crunchy cucumbers, radishes, green onions, potato and turkey with just a hint of fresh dill.

Burger from chef


1/2 pound fresh beef patty/bacon/aged cheddar/lettuce/ tomato/pickles/red onion/ketchup/mustard.

Crispy buffalo chicken wrap


Chicken tenders tossed in bbq and bbq sauce/cheddar cheese/lettuce/tomato.

BLT grilled chicken wrap


Grilled chicken/cheddar cheese/lettuce/bacon/tomato.



Same yummy burger as above, just without the cheese and bacon.

Fried chicken burger


Seasoned breaded chicken breast deep fried and topped with bacon, pickle, lettuce, tomato, onion, and chef’s special creamy dill mayo.

Fish burger


Lightly breaded pollock topped with pickle, lettuce, tomato, onion and creamy dill tartar sauce.

4 Meats


Tomato base/pepperoni/bacon/ham/sausage.



Ham/pineapple/tomato base.



Tomato base/mozzarella cheese/mushrooms/pepper/ tomato/black olives.



Tomato base/mozzarella cheese/pepperoni.



Tomato base/mozzarella cheese/basil.



Tomato base/mozzarella cheese/anchovies/green olives/ marinated onions/pickled tomatoes.



Creamy base/4 cheese/pear/prosciutto.



Creamy base/mozzarella cheese/mushrooms/oyster mushrooms/pickled onions/corn.



Sauce/mozzarella cheese/mashrooms/salami/black olives/ smoked sausages.



Sauce/mozzarella cheese/tomato/corn/bacon/hunting sausages/hot pepper.



Sauce/cheese/chicken breast/corn/pineapple.

4 Cheese


Cream sause/mozarella cheese/blue cheese/feta cheese/ parmesan cheese.

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